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Re: RE: Re: Connect over SSL

Postby fjvillegas » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:51 pm

Hi Knoahlr,

I have the same problem. I did some workaround where the recommendation was to run "sock.connect" after the "ussl.wrap_socket". Unfortunately I'm seeing that the ussl library for ESP8266 doesn't have options to configure ssl_params. Besides that, socket.connect doesn't have IPPROTO_TCP as variable.

>>> import usocket
>>> dir(usocket)
['__name__', 'reset', 'callback', 'getaddrinfo', 'print_pcbs', 'socket', 'AF_INET', 'AF_INET6', 'SOCK_STREAM', 'SOCK_DGRAM', 'SOCK_RAW', 'SOL_SOCKET', 'SO_REUSEADDR']

Have you managed to run TSL on the ESP8266?



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