Cannot set DNS address in network (wlan) config

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Cannot set DNS address in network (wlan) config

Post by llo » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:45 pm

I'm trying to get DNS resolution without success.
I'm doing an ifconfig in the following way:
>>>wlan.ifconfig(config = ('', '', '', ''))

but after this command, DNS server address seems still not set and address resolution fails:
>>> wlan.ifconfig()
('', '', '', '')

The other elements of the config may be changed, though.

I built "mcuimg.bin" from the latest sources from git and even changed the hardcoded values
(SlNetCfgIpV4Args_t ipV4 in "cc3200/mods/modwlan.c") for IP, mask, gateway and DNS but the DNS value returned by wlan.ifconfig() is still

All the rest is unchanged from defaults, so the Wipy is in AP mode, maybe this has something to do with the DNS failure? But the routing via the node works and I can connect to server in the internet. Only DNS fails.

Has anybody an idea (or better knows the reason)?

Best regards

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