Problem with DNS resolution

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Problem with DNS resolution

Post by llo » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:22 pm

I still have the problem with DNS client on WiPy in Access Point mode.
What I would like to achieve is a WiPy acting as AP which accepts a connection from a computer acting as a router and providing access to the internet. This works so far. But I would like to set a fixed DNS server address for the WiPy to be able to resolve host names. This seems not to be possible, at least not by using wlan.ifconfig(..).

In the following post : ... 29#1800329
I found the following statement:
"From SDK v1.0.1.6-, secondary DNS address can be overwritten in the DHCP configuration and also can be added in the static configuration..."

If I correctly understand, then a new option has been added for the function: sl_NetCfgSet(SL_IPV4_DNS_CLIENT,...)
which should allow for setting a DNS address other than the one assigned by DHCP. So again, if I understand correctly, the was no way to set a fixed DNS address before this option has been added.

Now my question is: which SimpleLink service pack is installed on my WiPy?
As far as I found out, I might use the TI Uniflash tool to query the version but then I needed to access the JTAG test points on the back of the WiPy, is that correct?

I would like to try to add that DNS address setting to the wlan.ifconfig(..) (or fix it by adding a call to sl_NetCfgSet(SL_IPV4_DNS_CLIENT,...) with the DNS address from the python wlan.ifconfig(..) call. Would this be considered reasonable?).
Additionally I would like to add python method "socket.gethostbyname(..)".

As I have no TaG Connect cable, I would be glad if I would know the SimpleLink service pack version installed on the WiPy v1.3 I own to avoid useless experimenting.

And I would be very happy if somebody of the experienced cc3200 micropython implementers, could tell whether they know of the problem or could even help me implement that DNS functionality.

Thanks a lot and best regards

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