WiPy 1.0: Framebuf module? Yes/no? When?

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WiPy 1.0: Framebuf module? Yes/no? When?

Post by mbirth » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:56 pm

Is there any schedule for when the framebuf module will be available on the WiPy 1.0?

Here's a post from 5 months ago where it was said to be coming "shortly". And here's a post from 3 months ago where there was a firmware containing framebuf promised for "this week".

I just flashed the v1.9.1 (release) from a week ago and it still doesn't have the framebuf module. What's happening here? Is it ever going to come to the WiPy 1.0?
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Re: WiPy 1.0: Framebuf module? Yes/no? When?

Post by kfricke » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:57 pm

Firstly, you may not quote posts from the pycom forum and ask the maintainers here for the pycom support.

Damien did take the CC3200 port into his handy a few weeks back, when implementing the standardized hardware module. Then, if i recall correctly, there was a note somewhere that the framebuffer support would not come to the CC3200 port because of the fact that it is low on RAM in general (it does need to execute all code from RAM). And the framebuffer module uses a lot of RAM by nature.

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