Best way to log temperature from the SensorTag

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Re: Best way to log temperature from the SensorTag

Post by jimmo » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:45 pm

Are you running MicroPython on your SensorTag (i.e. it's one of the CC3200-based ones)?

6LoWPAN is a specification for running IPv6 (i.e. internet protocol) over 802.15.4 (which is the same physical layer used by ZigBee). IPv6 is good because it's what the internet runs on, so it's easy to route out to the internet. And also nice to not have to use so many different protocols. But you'd need some way to add 802.15.4 / 6LoWPAN to your Raspberry Pi.

But this all depends on which sensortag you have -- they have a bunch of different variants based on different TI chips. e.g. some do WiFi, some do Zigbee/6LoWPAN, some do bluetooth etc. But only the CC3200 is supported by MicroPython.

But why do you need to run MicroPython on the SensorTag - doesn't the default firmware provide this functionality over whatever radio interface is supported by the chip?

Or is your plan to run MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi?

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