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Hardware design files, API docs and tutorials.

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 10:41 am
by danicampora

First of all welcome to the forum! As you can see, and have joined forces in order to make the Micro Python community stronger and bigger, which is really good and nice for everyone! :D

In order to connect to your WiPy, look for the WiFi network "wipy-wlan" or "wipy-wlan-xxxx". The password is:
When connected, the credentials to access the REPL via telnet are: user: micro password: python

1. If you are looking for the hardware design files of the WiPy and its expansion board (schematics, gerbers and ultiboard project files), it's all here:

2. Wondering where to find the pin-out and alternate functions table? Go here: ... PinOUT.png

3. API docs and tutorials can be found in:

4. How to mount the WiPy on the expansion board:

5. Expansion board manual: ... _board.pdf

A lot of things are still preliminary , but a lot of stuff will be added during the following weeks. This post will remain a sticky and I'll be updating it regularly as more information becomes available.