Porting to Atmel Sam4E16E/C

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Porting to Atmel Sam4E16E/C

Post by amano001 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:05 pm

Hey everyone,

Got my hands on a pyboard and its pretty awesome. I am currently using the Atmel chip listed above which is the same M4 uC as the pyboard just Atmel vs. STM.

First question is if I wanted to attempt to use the pyboards dfu on the atmel chip would there be a chance it would take ? (I know the peripherals might not work at all) I figured I might be able to just use the dFuse util but I cant really figure out how to get the SAM4E eval board I have into dfu mode (if it is possible that is). To even attempt trying to load that firmware in.

Second if I wanted to attempt to port it over to the SAM4E16C I am not 100% sure where to start. Most of my experience is in just programming at a higher level not down at the bootloader/chip.

Thanks, any direction would be great! Or if anyone has already attempted and has something basic working that would be great also.

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