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Re: New OpenMV board

Postby rcolistete » Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:14 am

OpenMV M7 project is becoming more popular :
and helping to increase the number of preorders (now 46%) :

New feature, QR code reading :

About the OpenMV M7 :
OpenMV Cam M7 News
We're currently prototyping the new M7 board still. We'll be getting our next batch of prototypes back in January and once we verify that all features work without any issues we'll start a small production run of 40 boards to test a new programming jig we're building for the M7 boards which can program 20 (a panel) at a time. Assuming that all goes well we'll then start the production of 1000 more boards.
As for the fund raising progress - We've done a lot of sales for the M4 boards and we have enough cash in our coffers to do the M7 production run. So, for everyone who's pre-ordered so far I can say that we should be able to build the next run of OpenMV Cams. However, this is basically going to drain every cent of our bank account to do so at this time. So, please share this QR Code video with friends and colleagues and let them know about the new OpenMV Cam M7 so we can raise more cash! More money in our coffers means lower prices on everything since we'll be able to manufacture more things like our shields in larger volumes.

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