uart lib not found on ESP32 board

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uart lib not found on ESP32 board

Post by jpvic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:55 pm


I purchased an esp32 board from sparkfun :

I used the instructions as described on ... sp32/esp32 . There is a reference to where you find per-platform the build instructions. I use the Ubuntu on a chromebook ( crouton ) so I followed the detailed documentation on ... -setup.rst.

The build of the code was straight forward and done without error message. The ESP-32 board was flashed easily and I can make the connection and execute the all common python command.

But I can find the uart lib.

>>> import machine
>>> dir(machine)
['__name__', 'mem8', 'mem16', 'mem32', 'freq', 'reset', 'idle', 'time_pulse_us', 'Pin', 'I2C', 'SPI']

I didn't find a compile flag for enabling uart-functionality on esp32 so I would expect it is default.

Can someone give me a hint where I have to look, please?


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