Porting to NUCLEO-L432KC

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Porting to NUCLEO-L432KC

Post by anchung.chen » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:18 pm

I like the small size of the NUCLEO-L432KC which has 256KB Flash and 64KB SRAM. So I try to port micropython for this small dev-board.

Try to use the already supported NUCLEO_L476RG board as the reference for porting. But my biggest problem is how to reduce the firmware size, the current NUCLEO_L476RG takes about 300KB. I like to remove some features and reduce the size to 200KB and leave 50KB for frozen python code.

Using the build of NUCLEO_L476RG for practice, My first step is trying to remove file-system and USB support by modify mpconfigport.h and others files, but without success.

Does anyone have suggestion on how to port micropython to NUCLEO-L432KC ? Thanks for all the reply.

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Re: Porting to NUCLEO-L432KC

Post by dhylands » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:10 pm

It's probably possible (I have micropython running on the teensy 3.1 which is also 256K).

You'll need to remove the internal filesystem. stmhal isn't currently setup to do that, so that will require some work.

And you'll need to turn off some features. The current stmhal firmware is about 313K.

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