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Re: MCUDev Black STM32F407VET6 + STM32F407ZET6 dev boards

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:49 pm
by DJShadow1966

All working now make ran through with no issue and board boots so I am more than happy.
Going to take a break as my computer room is currently running at over 30C and so sticky.

Thank you for all who help.


Re: MCUDev Black STM32F407VET6 + STM32F407ZET6 dev boards

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:37 am
by cmechmann
This may not be relevant posting this here.
However, I have been searching a lot for Black stm32f407vet firmware.
And I have been able to get the Mcauser firmware to load and work some of the examples.
Thank You.
That has not stopped me from searching further.
I ran into this site and this topic. and
Seems that they have a running firmware for the Black stm32f407vet under MinOS.
It was written using C under the NIC "stm32" language. According to the topic they have many of the options running on it that we want to have up here. There a few code examples, including FSMC interface for connecting SSD1963 TFT displays and SPI - for example touch on a connected SSD1963 display
I have downloaded the hex file, but still to upload it to the spare Black stm32f407vet that I have.
The part that has me hesitating is that it uses the uart1 as the comm to program. I have been becoming happy with using the USB in micropython.
I may try, if time permits, to try to get the hex file loaded into CubeMX ide to see how it is structured.
This of course is a bit over my head. I may be just pi$$ing into the fan, but this might prove to be worth checking out.

Re: MCUDev Black STM32F407VET6 + STM32F407ZET6 dev boards

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:34 am
by cmechmann
I uploaded the MinOS hex file to the spare blackboard I have.
First issue. I could only connect in Putty using the uart2 on the blackboard. PA2,PA3 and it did boot.
It kind of works like early DOS. It uses basic commands like ls (list files) cd (change directory) mount, umount and so on
But it expects a file/directory set on the SD card. If there is a boot file on the SD card. It states that it will autoboot to it and display a welcome screen and date/time. Some commands are external and they would need to be on the SD card to execute.
I was only on it for about an hour including flashing. I haven't had time to search for native files.
I was able to command led on, led off. That is an internal command.
Yes it boots, recognizing the SD card.
I was also able to run commands. It uses the SD card as a root directory. I have not been able to cd into the rom.
If the SD card is not in the slot it will echo that there is no physical drive. Yep, it even uses the old echo command. Man that brings back memories.

Re: MCUDev Black STM32F407VET6 + STM32F407ZET6 dev boards

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:29 am
by cmechmann
Another avenue.
I might get kicked off for this but I'll post it anyway.
It's not micropython.
Yet another firmware for the Black STM32F407vet6.
This time with MMBasic. ... =11334&P=1
I had it uploaded to the other black board. Could not find enough support for MINOS.
This firmware has a bit larger following and is more familiar.
Windows picked the USB port right up. Used Putty again as a terminal.
I was able to try commands and they work. Including changing from A:(flash) to B:(sd card)
Tried running a few of the MMbasic programs. However I'm either running out of memory.
Don't have the right hardware set up. Or there is a few bugs in the firmware.
They are still updating it as more are using it.

Re: MCUDev Black STM32F407VET6 + STM32F407ZET6 dev boards

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:07 pm
by Agidas
Hello Mcauser,

i bought STM32_F4VE board and now for awhile i am struggling to run it at least to check is it still alive (bought in 2017). I got Keil and coIDE for composing, using ST-LINK V2 (now just uploaded your .dfu to run on USB). And still, i cant run blinky on it, i believe that my skills is even less than newbie, but with proper start i could gain some skills. So could you help me out and explain what i am doing wrong ?

Jumpers - BT0-3.3V ; BT1-GND.

Code: Select all

#include "stm32f4xx.h"
#include "stdint.h"

int main (void)
	uint32_t i;

	GPIOA->MODER = 0x000050000;

		GPIOA->ODR = 0x0040;
		for (i = 0; i < 2000000; i++) {}
		GPIOA->ODR = 0x0080;
		for (i = 0; i < 2000000; i++) {}