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Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:54 am
by lafarigoule
I have a LOLIND32,I work on windows. I succed in download and install the last version of MicroPython founs on the web site (esp32-20180626-v1.9.4-203-g9b158d60.bin). But when I run it, I dont find the modul Pyb. I dont know how to install it in my MicroPython. Any ideas? Help me please. I use MobaXterm to connect my device. Patrick


Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:21 am
by kevinkk525
The lolinD32 does not have a module pyb as the pyb module is specifically made for the pyboard.
You should find everything in the module machine and use the documentation for the esp32.


Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:28 am
by philwilkinson40
perhaps try the module documentation for the ESP8266, as there isn't really very much for the ESP32 right now.
There is close similarity between many of the ESP8266 and ESP32 micropython port modules.