Sipeed MAIX(K210) Developer Reward Plan

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Sipeed MAIX(K210) Developer Reward Plan

Post by zepan » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:52 pm

Hi guys, we are sipeed team, and we are focus on MAIX's micropython port: MaixPy.
We have port micropython to K210's standalone SDK, but realize it have many drawback in standalone SDK.
Now we are moving to freeRTOS sdk, and redesign the architecture.
Building an easy use, complete micropython environment is an huge work, we want more developer take part in MaixPy Project.

Now, We will provide reward for developers:
1. developers who have 50+ star project relate to micropython or neural network for embeded device, send email to, and we will send FREE MAIX board suit for you.
2. developers who want take part in MaixPy develop, send your github account or your own project to, we will evaluate your matching rate, invite you to MaixPy develop group, and send FREE MAIX board suit to you.
3. developers who push code to MaixPy and merge to master branch, will reward 50%~100% discount.
4. developers who DIY nice production, will reward 50%~100% discount.

The plan is from today to 2019.1.31. If you have anyquestion, you can send mail to

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