M5stack screen

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M5stack screen

Post by mib7289@gmail.com » Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:25 am

Please excuse any ignorance I have here, I'm still trying to figure out microcontollers.
The m5 stack has a ILI9341 screen. I would like to be able to display some text (specifically the stack's ip address) but have not found a great solution using micropython. I have searched the internet way too long and not found a good solution or at least a solution I understand.
The solutions I have seen are:

1) using a loboris fork or a custom build of micropython that includes a screen controller but I'd like to be able to update my micropython build frequently as im using the m5 stack as a test unit for other projects.
2) using the m5stack uiflow, but I'd really rather not use uiflow bc the installer and uiflow are super sketchy. Also I'm pretty sure I'd have to give the installer my Wi-Fi name and password

Does anyone have suggestions on where to start with this or if this is even possible without a custom micropython build? If it isn't I'd also appreciate a suggestion on how to start building a custom micropython build on Windows.


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