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Multitech mDot LoRaWAN board

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 1:24 pm
by MattMatic
Just had the Multitech rep in at work, showing us the full range of what's available (and what's to come)!

Interesting to see their "mDot" product, which has ARM mbed libraries - but it's running the same CPU as the Pyboard 1 ;)

Would be interesting to see the LoRaWAN (Low power, long range WAN) and MicroPython running on the same thing. Would make for a very neat little configurable board with minimum fuss!

The idea of LoRa is to have many satellite devices - up to about 10 miles away - feeding information back to a central gateway (e.g. the Linux-based Multitech Conduit) that can process the incoming data and feed up to the Internet etc. The Conduit can have embedded 3G/4G too to bridge devices in the locality to the cellular network. There are public LoRa points being trialled in some countries - for very low data rates - for IoT applications.

Multitech info: ... nect-mdot/
mbed platform page:

Disclaimer: No links to Multitech, except that we use some of their products. Just noticed the similarity of CPU and intent, and thought that MicroPython might be a very nice match :)