[M5stack atom] power board custom solution

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[M5stack atom] power board custom solution

Post by djipey » Thu Aug 27, 2020 6:55 am


I recently bought a M5stack atom "board":

https://m5stack.com/collections/m5-atom ... opment-kit

I want to play with it and disassemble it for other projects, I'm not interested with the enclosure and the M5 ecosystem. However, the M5 stack atom contains a pico board that is small (around 24x24mm) and has pins easily accessible:


I don't need many pins, I just need a small form factor, accessible pins, and an esp32 (these conditions are quite hard to get together).

I would like to investigate what would be the best way to power this board. The specs say the input voltage is 5V, I assume it's because it's supposed to be powered through USB. I normally power ESP boards directly with a Lithium 3.3V battery (no voltage regulator needed, just a capacitor to buffer the high power drains when wifi is on).

Could I do that here?

Or should I use a LiPo battery with a step-up power converter?

I will just use the bluetooth from this board, but I still need the board to run for a long period of time on battery.

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