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YS-RF34T 433MHz ASK/OOK UART transceiver

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 10:26 am
by mcauser
Examples using YS-RF34T 433MHz ASK/OOK UART transceivers.


This module is one of the YS family of ASK/OOK transceiver modules. It consists of an unlabelled MCU that provides a UART interface to two daughter ASK/OOK modules. A 433MHz receiver (YS-RF470) and a 433MHz transmitter (H34C).

This module can be used to emulate or program a ASK/OOK based fixed code remotes, eg. 2262, 2260, 1527 protocols. Does not support rolling codes.

Includes instructions for capturing with a RTL-SDR software defined radio, interpreting with Universal Radio Hacker (URH) and replaying. ...