3461BS 4 X 7-seg driver for pyboard.

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3461BS 4 X 7-seg driver for pyboard.

Post by tiensz » Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:32 am

Hi, I'm fairly new to the pyboard.
This is my first contribution. Please moderator, if I'm going about this the wrong way, let me know.
Here is interrupt driven code for controlling a 3461BS quad 7-seg display. (Google didn't find any)
I'm sure it can be converted to a class, but that's beyond my current capability. (I've tried to do it though)
Also, the Interrupt routine (def refreshdisp(time): ) lends itself to be done in Assembler. Routine is basically pseudo code. (Also beyond my current capability)
Any clever coder prepared to encapsulate the code? I'd love to learn how it's done.
It's rather heavy on pincount, but hey, someone else will want to do it. So, here it is:
pyboard via 3461BS mnenomic Driver Current drawn Note:
X1 120 ohm 11 seg-A Straight 13mA Resistors can be increased to 560 ohm
X2 120 ohm 7 seg-B Straight 13mA This will reduce current to 3mA/segment.
X3 120 ohm 4 seg-C Straight 13mA Forward voltage drop over segment is 1.6 V
X4 120 ohm 2 seg-D Straight 13mA Subtract this from your drive voltage to
X5 120 ohm 1 seg-E Straight 13mA calculate the drive current/resistance
X6 120 ohm 10 seg-F Straight 13mA
X7 120 ohm 5 seg-G Straight 13mA
X8 120 ohm 3 seg-dp Straight 13mA
X9 4k7 & BC557 12 DIG1 BC557 E->GND, B->4k7 , C->DIG1 Max current 104mA for all 8 segments on. (="8.")
X10 4k7 & BC557 9 DIG2 " " " C->DIG2 Only one digit will be on at a time.
X11 4k7 & BC557 8 DIG3 " " " C->DIG3 See note above to reduce max current
X12 4k7 & BC557 6 DIG4 " " " C->DIG4 to 24mA.

Code: Select all

#TiensZ. 4 x 7-seg display driver for pyboard.
 # Seed from: https://github.com/m01/sevensegment/blob/master/sevensegment.py

from pyb import Pin
import pyb
import stm
import machine
  # the mapping of numbers to segments needed for displaying that number
numbers = [
  0xC0, #0
  0xF9, #1
  0xA4, #2
  0xB0, #3
  0x99, #4
  0x92, #5
  0x82, #6
  0xF8, #7
  0x00, #8
  0x90, #9
  0xFF, #space

segmentpins = ['X1', 'X2', 'X3', 'X4', 'X5', 'X6', 'X7', 'X8']
digitpins = ['X9','X10','X11','X12']
segmentdrv = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]
digitdrv = [0,0,0,0]
digitvalue = [0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF]
INTindex = [2]    #Shouldn't be 0 at first entry of INT routine.

for s in range(8):
  # Init segment drivers
  segmentdrv[s] = Pin(segmentpins[s], Pin.OUT_PP)

for s in range(4):
  # Init digit drivers  
 digitdrv[s] = Pin(digitpins[s], Pin.OUT_PP)
def showvalue(value):
   #value = string[5] text string of 4 digits and dp No error checking here!
   #        allowed is 0 to 9, decimal point, space. No dp in posn 0.
   #use this to change the displayed value.
  counter = 0         
  for s in value:
    setdp = False
    if s == '.':
      setdp = True 
      counter -= 1
    elif s == ' ':
      i = 10  
      i = int(s)
    digitvalue[counter] = numbers[i]
    if setdp: # 
      digitvalue[counter] = (digitvalue[counter] - 0x80)
    counter += 1

def refreshdisp(time): 
  #: The heart of 7-seg. Int routine to refresh display @ 300hz/4
  if INTindex[0] == 0:
    INTindex[0] = 3
    INTindex[0] -= 1  
  machine.mem16[stm.GPIOA + stm.GPIO_ODR] = digitvalue[INTindex[0]]
#Initialise the Interrupt  routine.
refresh =  pyb.Timer(4, freq=300) 
   #start of Main
while True:  
  showvalue(' 2 .4')

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Re: 3461BS 4 X 7-seg driver for pyboard.

Post by tiensz » Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:45 am

Apologies, I did format a table for the connections using spaces.
It appears as if the BBCode stripped all the spaces out.
It should look like this:
Capture.PNG (25.88 KiB) Viewed 562 times

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