Writing firmware with Micropyton?

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Writing firmware with Micropyton?

Post by Hami » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:19 pm

My goal is to write firmware and run a firmware Through micro python boards and programming the project with micro python boards.
I want to use the ctypes library And call pre-written functions and combine a set of Python code into ready-made code such as the link below.

Apply firmware that written with c language and use in hardware devices for two-authentication.
The project is FIDO2 standard on the token hardware (example: solokey - yubico - google Titan).
Do I can do it with micro python language and make firmware for microcontrollers?
a lot of people say, able not do it because python language is a high-level language and it does not have the power and ability to work at the hardware level
But my question is how and why the ctypes library creates these benefits?
Why do we not have the ability when we do a small project on the hardware surface?
Must firmware or low-level operating systems be written on microcontrollers in languages like C?

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