Advantages of REPL in Thonny

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Advantages of REPL in Thonny

Post by HermannSW » Fri Mar 12, 2021 11:55 am

Today I did use Thonny for the very first time.
First I went to Regular mode and selected execution on Raspberry Pi Pico: ... 6&t=306736

Without having written any script with Thonny yet, I can see two advantages over running Pico Micropython REPL with minicom or rshell repl:
  1. nice syntax coloring in "Shell" window
  2. always current display of all global variables at right side
From that posting, demo with today's daily Pico build demonstrating Thonny REPL as well as "machine.freq()":
Pico-W Access Point static file webserver:

Tiny MicroPython robots (the PCB IS the robot platform)

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