P2P data-update API suggestion

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Duncan Cragg
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P2P data-update API suggestion

Post by Duncan Cragg » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:41 pm

I was about to start developing a project - "Onex" - when I discovered MicroPython, which looks like it may be a better place to offer it, as a library.. :-)

So I'm looking for feedback on the chances of it being acceptable here.

Onex was to be a C almost-operating-system for P2P networking and data update management between devices like the Micro:Bit and ESP*

The base idea is to allow devices to do network exchanges, but instead of low-level messages that you hand-craft per application, working with high-level data object updates shared peer-to-peer, probably in a mesh via proxy-cacheing nodes.

Here's my kinduv design doc for the Onex API: https://github.com/DuncanCragg/Onex/blo ... DME-IoT.md

What do people here think? Could this API be useful, esp for Micro:Bits over raw radio, ESP*s over WiFi and LoRa devices?


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