New project: Pythings

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New project: Pythings

Post by sarusso » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:29 pm

Hi all,
I am working on a project named Pythings (, which aims to enable developing IoT solutions in a fast and easy way.

Pythings is basically made of two components: Pythings OS, a minimal meta-Operating System, and Pythings Backend, which handles all the orchestration for the devices running Pythings OS (including secure connections, messages and updates).

After installing Pythings OS on your device, you can fully manage it from the backend (including developing your application from a simple Web IDE). If errors happen, they are catched and reported: the idea is that you don't have to care anymore about locking out from your devices. I am quite proud about such comment I received: "Hey, I am programming my micro from the sofa with my tablet!" :)

The project is at a very early stage, and it is a only one man show (me), so there is a lot of room for improvement, in particular in the Pythings OS code.

I am now ready to open a bit the closed beta phase, if you would like to try it out the invitation code is "Pythings-273".

Just a final note: without MicroPython and this community I would have never been able start a project like this, thank you all! :)

I am looking forward for your feedback,

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