MAC address of the clients when in AP mode

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MAC address of the clients when in AP mode

Post by filipe22 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I have an application which requires to identify the Machines connected to the ESP32.
Does micropython has a method to list the mac of the connected devices?
In the documents network.status([param]) say it does, but on the ESP32 it is not working.

Kind regards,

Query dynamic status information of the interface. When called with no argument the return value describes the network link status. Otherwise param should be a string naming the particular status parameter to retrieve.

The return types and values are dependent on the network medium/technology. Some of the parameters that may be supported are:

WiFi STA: use 'rssi' to retrieve the RSSI of the AP signal
WiFi AP: use 'stations' to retrieve a list of all the STAs connected to the AP. The list contains tuples of the form (MAC, RSSI).

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