Medea JSON library ready for use

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Medea JSON library ready for use

Post by cefn » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:19 pm

I have to focus on some other work, now, but the Medea JSON tokeniser is ready for use to create IOT prototypes on low-memory platforms which need to retrieve select JSON fields from service APIs over HTTPS e.g. tweets from Twitter or rain forecast information from OpenWeatherMap.

It could equally be used to retrieve metadata from your own JSON server with the benefit of HTTPS (although not secure from MITM attack since none of the logic checks the certificates).

The library has been successfully tested retrieving Timelines from the Twitter API and weather forecasts from the OpenWeatherMap API on ESP8266 and ESP32.

With ESP32 it's a bit easier to install (will even run from the filesystem) but on ESP8266 requires frozen modules and benefits from a change in the TLS record buffer size, so a bespoke Micropython image based on 1.9.3 has been linked from the Github Repo.

See for more information.

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