Asynchronous GPS library. Includes precision timing.

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Asynchronous GPS library. Includes precision timing.

Post by pythoncoder » Sat May 26, 2018 12:47 pm

This may be found here: follow the link.

With these classes communication with a UART-based GPS module happens in the backgound. This allows the application to do other things concurrently, such as update a display or communicate over WiFi. GPS data may be accessed at any time via bound variables and methods, or via callbacks.

In the case of GPS devices based on the popular MTK3329/MTK3339 chips, e.g. the Adafruit ultimate GPS breakout, classes are provided to enable modification of the device status.

Further classes enable the PPS pulse from such units to be employed to provide timing with very high absolute accuracy. This is hard to measure objectively but there are reasons to believe that uncertainty is on the order of +-70μs (standard deviation). These classes also enable the Pyboard RTC to be set from GPS. The RTC can also rapidly and accurately be calibrated (2 minutes typical).

Sentence parsing is based on the excellent synchronous micropyGPS library. This is adapted for asynchronous use, to provide enhanced localtime handling for worldwide use and also in an effort to reduce RAM allocation.
Peter Hinch

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