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Write a guide FreeRTOS and Micropython: looking for interested people

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:12 pm
by ales.coppelli
Hi everyone,

I would like to learn, and then write a guide,
on how to compile Micropython to be used as a
low priority standalone task on FreeRTOS.
I use the STM32CubeMX tool and the ide SW4STM32
to program cards like the STM32F4-Discovery.
My idea is to use FreeRTOS for deadline tasks
(control tasks, sensor readings, etc.) and Micropython
as a useful task to 'talk' to ( and from ) the board.
At the moment I'm starting from scratch and I'm looking
for people interested in this. At the moment I have
not found useful material (in which there are indications on how to do).
I hope to be able to find some interested people
(maybe four or five is enough) to write this guide
that will be useful to everyone.
(to give an idea: with the STM32CubeMX tool the peripherals on
the board are initialized
(serial, spi, timer, gpio, dac, adc, accelerometer, etc and FreeRTOS;
then the program is imported into the SW4Stm32 and
(this is the new thing that currently I can't do)
use Micropython as a low priority task
(linked to the project as an external library)