Project BIPES - Integrating Blockly, Micropython, WebREPL, much more!

Discussion about programs, libraries and tools that work with MicroPython. Mostly these are provided by a third party.
Target audience: All users and developers of MicroPython.
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Project BIPES - Integrating Blockly, Micropython, WebREPL, much more!

Post by aroca » Tue May 05, 2020 6:04 pm

Dear MicroPython Enthusiasts,

It is our great pleasure to present the BIPES Project (Block Based Integrated Platform for Embedded Systems). It is an open source project that integrates Google Blockly, WebREPL, several blocks we created for MicroPython+Blockly, some documentation, an IOT platform to send and view data, an enhanced web based file manager using WebREPL with online Python text editor and other features!

If you have some time, please take a look at:

It is in beta version, but already fully usable. You can create some blocks, and directly send it to a MicroPython based device, and run such code quickly and easily. Just try it from the link below:

Moreover, block based programs can be easily shared. Here are some working examples developed with BIPES:

* Blink ESP8266 LED:

(After loading the blocks, connect to the MicroPython device using Connect button on the Console Tab, and then you can Run the block based program)

* IOT Test with BIPES: Read ESP8266 ADC, send to the server and view it on the IOT tab (real time graph and history graph)

It is important to note that BIPES is in the beta stage, and we are still working in blocks development, bug-fixes. Any comment / feedback is welcome!

The beta version source code is here, but with a messy code, as a proof of concept, but fully functional. Source code is here:

Thanks for your time and best regards!
Rafael V. Aroca

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