Problems with UMQTT and LC tech relay based on ESP-01

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Problems with UMQTT and LC tech relay based on ESP-01

Post by hakana » Wed May 06, 2020 6:33 am

I'm trying to make automation for the greenhouse using umqtt.simple. I have a 4 channel LC Technology relay with ESP-01(2MB) on board.
I have written some code using examples from this forum (thanks for pythoncoder :)) and other sites. This relay can be controlled using special 4byte commands sent by UART.
This is my file. I made empty.
This program is working and I can switch 1 of 4 relays sending ON or OFF command over MQTT.
My problem is that after about 2 minutes of working relay doesn't respond correctly to my commands. For example, I send ON command and relay opens and after several seconds it closes automatically(I can't understand WHY). Another example is that after some minutes of correct work It doesn't respond to my MQTT messages at all( I saw fast blue led blink but relay didn't change the state.)

Code: Select all

import time
from umqtt.simple import MQTTClient
import ubinascii
import machine
import micropython
import network
import esp
import gc

ssid = 'example'
password = '12345678'
mqtt_server = ''

client_id = ubinascii.hexlify(machine.unique_id())

topic_sub = b'esp/relay'
topic_pub = b'esp/relay/answer'

state = b'OFF'
uart = machine.UART(0, 115200)
station = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)
station.connect(ssid, password)

while station.isconnected() == False:

print('Connection successful')

def sub_cb(topic, msg):
    global state
    print((topic, msg))
    if msg == b'ON':
        uart.write(bytes([0xA0, 0x01, 0x01, 0xA2]))
        state = b'ON'
        client.publish(topic_pub, state)
    elif msg == b'OFF':
        uart.write(bytes([0xA0, 0x01, 0x00, 0xA1]))
        state = b'OFF'
        client.publish(topic_pub, state)

def connect_and_subscribe():
  global client_id, mqtt_server, topic_sub
  client = MQTTClient(client_id, mqtt_server)
  print('Connected to %s MQTT broker, subscribed to %s topic' % (mqtt_server, topic_sub))
  return client

def restart_and_reconnect():
  print('Failed to connect to MQTT broker. Reconnecting...')

  client = connect_and_subscribe()
except OSError as e:

while True:
  except OSError as e:
I hope for your help and sorry for my poor English.

P.S. I mentioned that after several minutes of work, the ESP-01 is hot, maybe this is a problem?

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