MQBoard - Micro-Framework for MicroPython Boards Managed via MQTT

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Re: MQBoard - Micro-Framework for MicroPython Boards Managed via MQTT

Post by glenn20 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:40 pm

Thanks @tve Thorsten for this framework. I have been using this for the last few days to deploy apps onto some esp32s. It worked mostly cleanly against a recent, post-v1.1.3 master branch (BOARD=GENERIC_OTA). It seems most of your required dependencies (except tls - which I don't need just yet) have been absorbed into master (although I'm not quite sure about the RTC patches). I've added trivial support for username/password settings for

I am interested to extend your framework to support esp32s over espnow. I was initially planning to build a mqtt proxy over espnow and your framework seems ideal for that - and comes with so much extra useful functionality. On initial inspection, I was thinking to build a trivial replacement for MQTTProto to send messages from clients to a central ESP32 which would proxy those messages to/from the mqtt server. I'd welcome any thoughts or advice before I start coding.

Thanks again for the framework... it has been a real boon.

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