uasyncio - How detect the end task in another task.

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Re: uasyncio - How detect the end task in another task.

Post by Primesty » Sat Nov 14, 2020 7:19 pm

After many hours of fine-tuning, I'm finally able to share my first 'big' Micropython project. A temp-reader, which uses two different temperature senors:

I'm sure there are things that can be improved and written more elegantly, but for now it works and runs reliably.

Platform: ESP32, Micropython 1.13
Sensors: BME280, MAX31855
Periphery: Neopixel, rotary encoder, 1602 LCD

Everything runs asynchronously via uasyncio. Many thanks to @pythoncoder who gracefully responded to many of my inquiries and informed many of the coding decisions.

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