Is there a easy Websocket library out there .

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Is there a easy Websocket library out there .

Post by peter247 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:50 am

Hi , is there a easy Web socket library for a newbie to python to work with ?
I've been trying to work with MicroWebSrv2 library, to send data to the wed page using their example , But after over 1000 views no one knows how to do what should be a simple thing .
Is there any libraries or examples how to use web sockets on micropython , OR is time to use arduino libraries where there is more people willing to help ?

*** I have worked out my way in ***

So everything as to be within the OnWebSocketAccepted function ? , So I have set up a timer which I can use as a poll or read and post my sensor data .

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