How much space is available on the ESP 32 for a javascript library?

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How much space is available on the ESP 32 for a javascript library?

Post by BetweenBeltSizes » Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:42 pm


i have a school project using a "Vocore 2" SBC which has about 10MB of "disc space" i dont know if this is the same as "rom" or "flash" memory, the space where programs and files are stored on without being deleted upon reboot etc.

Im using a webserver (FLASK) and to send data over wifi to a smartphone/PC while interacting with some IC's to get data from my project.

My project and python runs too slow, so im thinking of redoing it with an ESP 32 microcontroller and micropython as this wouldnt have a linux OS as overhead / extra load, and so the full CPU power would be used for the python (or micropython) program.

My Question is: will an ESP 32 hold my python code (which i would rewrite to micropython) and the javascript library (P5.js) which totals to 0.5MB?

(Follow up question: im a n00b, am i correct in thinking that a microcontroller vs a SBC, runs code at the frequency of the Chip whereas a SBC doesnt run the code at chip frquency because of the system running extra things in background? i think in one class in uni we tested worked out once how many times an arduino is able to run a snippet of code based on the crystal / chip speed...

I would be grateful for any tips.

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