reboot after text paste?

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Re: reboot after text paste?

Post by wendlers » Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:49 pm

gojimmypi wrote: That's good to know! I'm curious if you've used your LoLin board in a Linux environment? My Amica board gets recognized without problem, but the LoLin does not (no dev/ttyUSB0 shows up). The LoLin however works great from Windows.
Yes, the LoLin works under Linux, but not in every setup. E.g. when connected trough a hub, it refuses to be bound to usb-serial. When plugged to USB-3 port, it refuses also to show up. When connected to USB-2 port, it works. But I never had problems with garbled text, even not when copying larger text to the board. I only tried the LoLin with Kernels 4.2.x.

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