HipChat/Slack Webhook Handler

All ESP8266 boards running MicroPython.
Official boards are the Adafruit Huzzah and Feather boards.
Target audience: MicroPython users with an ESP8266 board.
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HipChat/Slack Webhook Handler

Post by chrisgp » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:34 am

I put together a basic webhook handler for the ESP8266 that will allow a /micropython command to be setup in HipChat or Slack that will cause the message to be evaluated on the device with the response returned to the caller. I put it together to make it easier for a few others to try it out and for me to have easier access to my device to try basic things. It has some attempts in place at making it a bit resilient to those trying to bring it down with obvious approaches.

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