Fastest WLAN connect with AP fallback

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Fastest WLAN connect with AP fallback

Postby devnull » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:41 pm

Does anyone have a faster, more concise, low RAM WLAN connection routine that falls back to AP mode if it can't connect to the wlan ?

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def connect(timeout=10,ssid=None,passkey=None):
   from network import WLAN,STA_IF, AP_IF
   sta = WLAN(STA_IF)
   if not sta.isconnected():
        from time import sleep_ms
        for count in range(timeout*10):
           if sta.isconnected(): break
        if not sta.isconnected():
           sta = WLAN(AP_IF)
   print('Connect msec:',count*100,'ifconfig:',sta.ifconfig())
   return sta

wl = connect(timeout=5,ssid='wlan@mywan',passkey='mypass')

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