and are not getting called

All ESP8266 boards running MicroPython.
Official boards are the Adafruit Huzzah and Feather boards.
Target audience: MicroPython users with an ESP8266 board.
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Post by satyahc » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:55 pm

I am newbie in micro python & MCU. I flashed micro python on my nodemcu v3.0 ESP8288. And it is working fine and i ran blink python code. It works as expected.

But i want to put this code in I did wrote the file using Esplorer tool and saved into microcontroller. But when i do a reset or even power off and power on my nodemcu board the code is not getting executed.

I even tried the code by keeping it in Even it is not getting called. But i could able to see these files in ESP board.

Let me know what could be the issue here??


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