Which parameter available for esp.osdebug() except 'None' or 'UARTx' ?

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Which parameter available for esp.osdebug() except 'None' or 'UARTx' ?

Post by water » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:56 pm

Refer Micropython document,

esp.osdebug(None) # turn off vendor O/S debugging messages
esp.osdebug(0) # redirect vendor O/S debugging messages to UART(0)

Which other parameters available except 'None' or 'UARTx' ?
How 'vendor O/S debugging messages' source get for Micropython? Is it Micropython provide some API or other way (low level) get the 'vendor O/S debugging messages' directly ?
Is it the ESP8266 / ESP32 chip vendor (Expressif) provide the O/S debugging messages specifics documents ?
I want to receive the message except via UART (e.g: receive to a variable)

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