USB driver crashes PC

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USB driver crashes PC

Post by ProudPagan » Sun May 10, 2020 9:02 am


This post is not directly about MicroPython, so please pardon me should this post not belong here :-)

I am running MicroPython on a NodeMCU ESP8266 clone (by Lolin). Intermittently I see the
Windows 10 blue screen with an error in the USB serial driver CH341S64.SYS.

I have tried drivers from the original chip maker (,
from the NodeMCU Github page and by requesting Windows to automatically (what Windows thinks is)
the best driver available. The crash happens sometimes within seconds of plugging the board in, or
sometimes when using ESPlorer/ampy/mpfshell to upload MP scripts (uploads work sometimes).

At this point, I have no other option but to go back to an old laptop with Windows 7 and try my luck
there. Funnily, I distinctly remember using MicroPython/ampy and Arduino on this board last year
without problems (before all the Windows updates that have happened since).

Does anyone here have a better idea?

Thanks very much



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