Board wakes up in every hour from deep sleep

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Board wakes up in every hour from deep sleep

Post by EndruBoy » Sun Jul 05, 2020 9:33 am

I've written an automatic watering program for my ESP8266. My program calculates the time in millisecs before the next scheduled watering and then put the board into deep sleep mode. I read that the max time for deep sleep could be 7 hours because of some RTC limitation, so if the time needed for sleep would be more than that I use 7 hours instead. I always sync the time with NTP.

It seems like no matter what values I provide for the alarm to wake up the device, it still wakes up in every hour at seemingly random time.
Also happens if I provide just 2-5 hours for the alarm. How should I put the device to deep sleep for a longer period than?

The issue also persists if I'm not using a battery as a power source but using the USB to power the device from my PC.
I'm using v1.12 MicroPython.

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