unresponsive REPL on the 8266

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unresponsive REPL on the 8266

Post by AYFAFIRE » Fri Jan 29, 2021 5:56 am

Good day, everybody, I have been having an issue with using micropython on my node mcu esp8266 board. I used the esptools to erase flash and load a micropython bin. The problem that I'm facing is that whenever I try to use the repl, the repl goes unresponsive. any ideas on why it would do so? I would love any suggestions.

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Re: unresponsive REPL on the 8266

Post by Roberthh » Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:02 am

Do you get the REPL prompt?
Which PC operating system are you using, and which app to use the ESP8266 (like Putty, rshell, ...)
If yo use Putty (or another terminal emulator): flow control must be switched off

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