Odd timing on micro:bit (V1)

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Odd timing on micro:bit (V1)

Post by MicroGuy » Fri May 14, 2021 5:57 pm

I created a short program to toggle pin 16 on a V1 board every 10 milliseconds (10,000 usec) to test timing accuracy:

while True:
pins.digital_write_pin(DigitalPin.P16, 1)
pins.digital_write_pin(DigitalPin.P16, 0)

A scope trace of the output signal on pin 16 often includes shortened logic-0 and shortened logic-1 periods. The attached images show the results and the scope cursors isolate the pulse measurements for a logic-0 period. Any ideas why the micro:bit does this to what should be a square-wave output?
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