Setting time of day from an external source?

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Setting time of day from an external source?

Post by julianj » Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:39 pm

I work in television and I'm interested in trying to write a programme for my micro:bit that will log the time of day each time one of the buttons is pressed. Now I know this is straightforward but the problem I can foresee is that the time of day would have to be set each time the micro:bit is turned on. The hard bit and what I really want to know is if it is possible for a micro:bit to be 'jam synced' to another unit eg an iphone that would tell the micro:bit what the time of day is. There are various apps for the iphone that output timecode as an audio signal known as SMPTE ( as do professional cameras).
So the idea would be: turn on the micro:bit plug it into the audio feed of an iphone that is outputting the time of day. The micro:bit sets the time of day from this feed and then it can be unplugged and used until it is turned off.

I have seen someone has managed to do this with a raspberry pi but is it possible on a micro:bit?

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Re: Setting time of day from an external source?

Post by rhubarbdog » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:19 am

Have you got a link to that raspberry pi code.
Were they using external devices? Like an analogue to digital converter.
In principal if a raspberry pi can do it a microbit in theory should be able to. The only thing is they are a bit slow at executing a loop to collect data

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