PyCharm installation of MicroPython via Anaconda

Questions and discussion about running MicroPython on a micro:bit board.
Target audience: MicroPython users with a micro:bit.
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PyCharm installation of MicroPython via Anaconda

Post by extraduce » Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:09 am

I am new to micro:bit & even newer to micropython!

I am a regular user of PyCharm which is my preferred IDE so have tried to setup micropython focusing on micro:bit using PyCharm.
My preferred environment manager is Anaconda using which I have set-up python 3.6 environment (as I believe this is currently what microphython uses/based on) I've been following this tutorial installing pseudo-microbit via

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within the

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environment. I have also installed the MicroPython plugin for PyCharm.

I've experienced several issues:

1) on my mac

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directory doesn't contain

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. There are probably other files it doesn't contain however I haven't discovered them yet. It could be that I don't understand the work flow and there is now need for this file to exist locally?

2) I have defined uflash as an external tool, within PyCharm. PyCharm seems quite happy and doesn't report errors when flashing. However the micro:bit seems to get partially programmed and then reports with an unhappy face!

All wise/random thoughts gratefully accepted.

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