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ESP32 reboots after network.WLAN() -- HELP!

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:16 pm
by vlasoveqn
Hi All,

Second post ever here. I wanted to make sure that my first post ever wasn't 'hidden at the bottom' of an existing thread -- the one entitled "ESP32 and LVGL - Guru Meditation Error after reboot if network initialized" -- especially since the issue I need advice solving only has to do with Guru Meditation Error + rebooting upon instantiating WLAN object only (similar to that thread's OP's issue), but doesn't have anything to do with LVGL, since I'm not using that.

In addition to the details outlined in my first post, I wanted to add that I know the WiFi radio hardware for this device is working, because network.WLAN works fine using the LoBo firmware (which I only recently abandoned), and I've successfully run the BLE GATT server/client examples on the board using main fork MicroPython firmware, both stock firmware and locally compiled. So, that's definitely not the problem.

Are there any hidden items in any of the menuconfig menus I am unaware of? I deselected the WiFi power reduction upon brownout option, but haven't changed any of the default settings having to do with location of WiFi settings (IRAM, PSRAM, etc.). If anyone else has encountered this behavior, please let me know!

In the meantime, I'm trying to experiment with the aforementioned menuconfig settings to see if there are any differences in behavior. If I find anything, I'll post a follow-up under this (new) thread.

Thank you!
-- Andy Clark