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MQTT bridged LoRa networks with MicroPython on ESP32

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:01 am
by Wei Lin

I use MQTT to bridge LoRa networks, in a Cellular-Network fashion.

A "LoRa gateway" is an ESP32, it is also a MQTT client and a worker (like a Celery worker), so via MQTT, gateways can do RPC (Remote-Procedure-Call) to communicate and cooperate with each others .

All code is written in MicroPython.

For an ESP32 to function as a gateway to bridge LoRa networks, it needs three parts of code (in the order of uploading to ESP32):

1. MQTT client as a worker - so ESP32 can communicate and cooperate with each others : ... icroPython

2. SX127x driver - for ESP32 to drive SX127x:

3. LoRa gateway - for ESP32 to bridge LoRa networks: ...


Wei Lin