Thingspeak - connection timeout

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Thingspeak - connection timeout

Post by jarekd » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:39 pm

Hi. It may be some lame mistake on my side - so sorry in advance :)
I'm using Loboris port on my ESP32 Wroom module (bare module) and I'm trying to connect to ThingSpeak - but after editing sample from wiki (Loboris one) - I'm getting only "Not connected" status.
My module is already connected to local wifi and have internet connectivity; passwords, channel name etc are correct - double checked all of that.
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Anyone have some experience with ThingSpeak MQTT and could share some working example?

My code:

Code: Select all

My_Channel_ID = 'XXXXX'
My_Write_API_Key = 'XXXXX'

import network
import utime

def datacb(msg):
   print("[{}] Data arrived from topic: {}, Message:\n".format(msg[0], msg[1]), msg[2])

thing = network.mqtt("thingspeak", "mqtt://", user="ESP32tst", password=My_MQTT_API_Key, cleansession=True, data_cb=datacb)
# or secure connection
#thing = network.mqtt("thingspeak", "mqtts://", user="anyName", password="ThingSpeakMQTTid", cleansession=True, data_cb=datacb)

thingspeakChannelId = My_Channel_ID                           # enter Thingspeak Channel ID
thingspeakChannelWriteApiKey = My_Write_API_Key   # EDIT - enter Thingspeak Write API Key
thingspeakFieldNo = 1
thingSpeakChanelFormat = "json"

pubchan = "channels/{:s}/publish/{:s}".format(thingspeakChannelId, thingspeakChannelWriteApiKey)
pubfield =  "channels/{:s}/publish/fields/field{}/{:s}".format(thingspeakChannelId, thingspeakFieldNo, thingspeakChannelWriteApiKey)
subchan = "channels/{:s}/subscribe/{:s}/{:s}".format(thingspeakChannelId, thingSpeakChanelFormat, thingspeakChannelWriteApiKey)
subfield = "channels/{:s}/subscribe/fields/field{}/{:s}".format(thingspeakChannelId, thingspeakFieldNo, thingspeakChannelWriteApiKey)

tmo = 0
while thing.status()[0] != 2:
   tmo += 1
   if tmo > 80:
       print("Not connected")

# subscribe to field

# publish to channel
# Payload can include any of those fields separated b< ';':
# "field1=value;field2=value;...;field8=value;latitude=value;longitude=value;elevation=value;status=value"
thing.publish(pubchan, "field1=25.2;status=On line")

# Publish to field
thing.publish(pubfield, "24.5")

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Re: Thingspeak - connection timeout

Post by Mike Teachman » Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:31 pm

I have a github repo that might help you troubleshoot the problem -- working examples for MQTT with Thingspeak on ESP32. The examples are tested with the latest uPy releases (but not yet the Loboris port). ... tt-esp8266

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