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Adafruit Huzzah32 ESP32 board File Navigation

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:46 pm
by obetbal
i just had my huzzah32 board running with uPY.
My question is how do i navigate or open files (e.g. is it possible to open the ADC class files inside the machine module?
It might help me understand how to construct uPY scripts for my ESP32. For now, it's mostly a hit and miss adventure

>>> dir(machine)
['__class__', '__name__', 'ADC', 'DAC', 'DEEPSLEEP', 'DEEPSLEEP_RESET', 'EXT0_WAKE', 'EXT1_WAKE', 'HARD_RESET', 'I2C', 'PIN_WAKE', 'PWM', 'PWRON_RESET', 'Pin', 'RTC', 'SLEEP', 'SOFT_RESET', 'SPI', 'Signal', 'TIMER_WAKE', 'TOUCHPAD_WAKE', 'Timer', 'TouchPad', 'UART', 'ULP_WAKE', 'WDT', 'WDT_RESET', 'deepsleep', 'disable_irq', 'enable_irq', 'freq', 'idle', 'mem16', 'mem32', 'mem8', 'reset', 'reset_cause', 'sleep', 'time_pulse_us', 'unique_id', 'wake_reason']

>>> dir(machine.ADC)
['__class__', '__name__', 'ATTN_0DB', 'ATTN_11DB', 'ATTN_2_5DB', 'ATTN_6DB', 'WIDTH_10BIT', 'WIDTH_11BIT', 'WIDTH_12BIT', 'WIDTH_9BIT', 'atten', 'read', 'width']