How to acess the lib of the ESP32 ?

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How to acess the lib of the ESP32 ?

Post by EDW26 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:07 pm

then I use jupyter notebook as the programming interface of esp32 using micropython as a programming language and needed a help with accessing the micropython library in esp32. Since I can not find the / lib file on my PC (linux), where the modules I install by upip are written, to manipulate some modules (I would like to remove some). Using the command:

ampy --port / dev / ttyUSB1 list

I realized that there really is a file called lib in my microcontroller. I tried accessing using:

ampy --port / dev / ttyUSB1 get lib

But I could not, the following message appears:
  raise RuntimeError ("No such file: {0}". format (filename))
RuntimeError: No such file: / lib

So how can i manipulate the lib?

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