Not so high level graphic library

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Not so high level graphic library

Post by mkiotdev » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:14 pm

Hello to everybody!

I am moving my mini-SCADA for heating system from ESP8266 to ESP32 and I am going to work with ESP32 WROVER kit. This is an upgrade, as I've hit the wall with ESP8266, and as a bonus there is ILI9341 display mounted to WROVER KIT.

I have been reading about LittlevGL, this is a great project. But what if, at least for starting point, I need something simpler? Just to draw few 2D shapes and write out some text? What would be your recomendation? This would be in a form of driver + some basic 2D grahics. And, almost forgot, I would like to use 'vanilla' ESP32 Micropython implementation, for now, but am very tempted to go LoBo path.

There is Pure Micropython Display Driver here: ... lay-driver but it has bindings to LittlevGL. There is also this project: ...

I have not tried any of this but will very soon, so I am hoping you could save me a bit of time.


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Re: Not so high level graphic library

Post by pythoncoder » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:44 am

A forum search on ILI9341 throws up a lot of hits.
Peter Hinch

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