Cross compiling Micropython from GITHUb source -errors

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Re: Cross compiling Micropython from GITHUb source -errors

Post by RobinMosedale » Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:32 pm

esptool: --port COM7 flash_id --port COM7 flash_erase --port COM7 write_flash 0x100 firmware.bin

Remove GPIO ground
rshell --buffer-size=30 -p COM7 --baud 115200

C:\Users\robin\Desktop\esp-idf-3\examples\build-GENERIC_SPIRAM>rshell --buffer-size=30 -p COM7 --baud 115200
Using buffer-size of 30
Connecting to COM7 (buffer-size 30)...
Trying to connect to REPL ... connected
Testing if ubinascii.unhexlify exists ... Y
Retrieving root directories ... /
Setting time ... Nov 20, 2020 20:24:56
Evaluating board_name ... pyboard
Retrieving time epoch ... Jan 01, 2000
Welcome to rshell. Use the exit command to exit rshell.
C:\Users\robin\Desktop\esp-idf-3\examples\build-GENERIC_SPIRAM> ls /pyboard


Thank you David and Jimmo.
As you can tell, I'm absolutely over the moooooooon.

That was a 'standard build'.

Now to progress on to the build with CAM modules.


Only after I have written this up with the audience of a tyro.

Thank you again


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